“JUSTER HOG” Big paddles attract fish which hide in reeds. -GETNET-


Triple paddle tail softbait which imitates crayfish “JUSTER HOG”

The special shape paddle waves receiving current.


“JUSTER HOG”  is debut bait of GET NET.

3 models.
size:2.3inch, 3.3inch, 4.3inch
color:9 / 11 / 9
quantity:9 / 8 / 8
price:810 yen

Compatibility of charm of STATIC and DYNAMIC

The main paddle has special form.
Front side has smooth surface and back side has lines.
The tip part is thick for push water strongly to provoke reaction bite.
As it has air space inside of the paddle, it falls on vertical posture and o bottom, it rise paddle.
This steady position on bottom makes paddle move easily receiving current and produce attractive action automatically. Just left it on bottom , it able to fascinate fish.

Special parts.

Unique shape paddle.
It`s symbol of “JUSTER HOG”.
It has special paddle shape, it does not look like shape of normal paddle.
The front side has smooth surface and back side has lines.
These 2 different type of surface recieve current of water well and moves well.
Also it high response to rod work.
The paddle vibration transmits to the whole body.



It rise the paddle while pause on bottom, and make slantingly posture of the body .


As it has air space inside of the paddle and the body material made by high buoyancy material.
So it maintain slantingly posture on bottom rising paddle to up. This posture is very sensible to water current. Receiving current it waves naturally.

The slit which prevent snagging and make good hook-up.

The back part has slit for set the hook point inside it. It has high weedless performance and good hook-up capability.
Without problem you can cast it into covers.
Even if the body squash and hook point comes out from slit, around slit there are a lot of projections and these protect hook point for avoid snagging.


The steady posture on bottom.




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