Jackall will launch jighead and soft plastic bait, special for BREAMS.


This spring JACKALL will launch crab shape soft plastic bait and jig head for fish breams just dragging it on bottom.
Now it`s very popular to fish breams with simple rigs which just drag on the bottom.
Any kind of the angler from beginners can enjoy this style of breams fishing easily.

 CHIBICHINU HEAD for fish on bottom.

CHIBICHINU HEAD is the jig head which has flat shape for drag on the bottom smoothly.

The inferior part is designed for avoid snagging to obstacles and move smoothly on the bottom.

All time the hook point looking up, so it realize good hook-ups.

6 different size.

2g , 3.5g , 5g , 7g , 10g , 14g


 CHIBICHINU KANI compact size crab shape soft plastic bait.

It`s designed specially for set on jig head CHIBICHINU HEAD.
The flat claws move a lot during the falling to bottom, also during dragging on the bottom.

8 colors


Not only for breams, also it will work so well for ROCK FISH.



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