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Impression of the bait casting rod "TATULA 721 HFB" -DAIWA- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Impression of the bait casting rod “TATULA 721 HFB” -DAIWA-

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Impression of the rod “TATULA 721 HFB” -DAIWA-

Same as baitcasting reel TATULA, high performance & economic.

tatula rod daiwa  economic high performance

The another day I bought “TATULA 721 HFB” for bigbait and heavy spinnerbait.
It`s a fantastic rod.
It has durability and strength. The rod which I got is Heavy model.
Compare with another Heavy rod, this “TATULA 721 HFB” has harder feeling.

It costs 19800 yen.


As it has high potential, it`s able to launch Jointed claw 178 without problem.
According to spec, the ideal lure weight is between 3/8oz ~ 1.1/2oz (10.5g~42g).
So this Jointed Claw which weight 2oz (56g) is too heavy for this rod.
But there were nothing problem for cast this heavy lure.

I set Jointed Claw 178 on “TATULA 721 HFB”.

It does not bend on this weight.



I tried with another lures like Heavy Spinnerbait and deep crankbait.
There were nothing problem to cast these lures, I could cast these with comfortably.
Also on retrieving these lures which has strong water resistance, whole body of this rod is very powerful and I could retrieve these lures without problem.
And rod transmit the condition into water well to my hand.

Perfect combination with TATULA reel. Feel so light even if it weight 335g in total.

tatula rod daiwa with gankraft jointed claw

Combination with TATULA 103H-TW is perfect.
Untill now I combined reel TATULA with Destroyer F5-62X. On this setting I felt tiredness on arm after use few hours.

But combination with this rod TATULA is much better . I did not feel weight and I could use it comfortably during hours.

Especially the feeling when I grab this setting on my hand, it makes me feel lighter.

The reel TATULA weight 220g, it`s not light weight reel. But combination with TATULA rod, it does not make me feel this weight.


When I was casting Jointed Claw 178 with another rod combined with reel TATULA, I felt tiredness on my hand and arm.
But this time, on TATULA rod, as it has good balance of weight , I could cast comfortably during all day.
It`s very good economic rod for combine with TATULA reel.
The elegant design brighten.



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