I visited new office of JACKALL in Tokyo.


JACKALL established new office in Tokyo.

2016 spring. New office of JACKALL opened in Tokyo.


One of the best maker of fishing product in Japan.
They secured a solid position in bass fishing industry.

SOUL SHAD, TN, FLICK SHAKE, DERA COUP, GANTAREL…they have lot of amazing lures with big success.

My favorite is Boil trigger (upper picture).

JACKALL has head office in shore of lake Biwa. In the shore of the biggest and the most famous bass fishing lake in Japan.
Their big aquarium of 20 tons of water with big basses is in office is so famous.

In this spring, JACKALL established new office in Tokyo, near the Tokyo tower.
Fortunately , I could visit their new office in Tokyo.
So today i will write about that visit.
Not so much pictures, but they allowed me to take some picture inside for my blog.
Thank you, JACKALL.

The atmosphere does not look like fishing company.
From the metro station Daimon, walking 7~8 minutes.
I arrived at building.


Really? Is it office of fishing company?
But the address indicate this place. I walking to the entrance…

Yes, it`s here. In the entrance there is plate with company name JACKALL.


Good security.


In the second floor. Here is new office of JACKALL.


I open first door of crystal. and there is another door with logo of JACKALL to connect to office.
How emotional.
Similar atmosphere to IT company.
If someone who does not know about fishing camo to here, they will not think that this is fishing company.


To meeting room.

They let me into meeting room.
Mr.Iwata was waiting me with new product (Spinnerbait Fire Cracker) in his hand.


jackalloffice7For meeting with magazine company or television, they use this room.
Later I met with director of Tokyo office.
We talked about fishing of these days, and showing picture of fish which we fished each other.
I had so nice time there, feeling like visiting my friend`s home..

They showed me some new product.

Dera ball. It`s like a golf ball. So easy to do long distance cast.


It`s still proto type. These proto type lures, normally difficult to see.


RHYTHM WAVE, new size 2.8 inch.
Perfect for dropshot-rig, also it has little bit thick body, so good for weightless-rig.


CHUBBLE MR model. It`s crankbait which has minnow shape. It`s designed by president of JACKALL, Sr.Seiji Kato. SR model dive to 1.2m and MR dive to 1.8m.


The last product which I saw that day was Megalo Dooon.
This spinnerbait has a huge blade.
Size of the this huge blade is similar to magnum spoon.
It`s bigbait of spinnerbait.

You can see the difference between normal spinnerbait and this huge Megalo Dooon.


Not only for black bass fishing….also for another type of fishing.


There are so good atmosphere in this office.
I felt they working with good vision and pleasure. Every employee loves fishing.
I heard not only black bass fishing, they will work hard in another type of fishing, like trout, sea bass…



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