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I could not fish Black bass, but I enjoyed with another fish! | Lure Fishing JAPAN

I could not fish Black bass, but I enjoyed with another fish!


I could not rent boat cause of strong wind.


Last week I went to Bass fishing.
Every year I go to bass fishing with my friend, only using TOPWATER.
It`s annual event!

That day I went out from house so early to arrive to river in Chiba perfecture at 4:30 a.m.
While I was driving to river from my house in Tokyo to river of Chiba , I noticed so strong wind.
Few times I almost lost control of steering wheel cause of strong wind.
I was thinking 『It will hard to cast…』『Difficult to control boat…』

But when I arrived at boat shop I realized serious situation of that day….
Normally there were lot of cars of anglers who come to fishing Bass….but there were no car…
That day, cause of strong wind, the boat shop did not rent boat…..

Reluctantly we start fishing from shore…..few hours past but no bite of fish….

But fortunately at 9:00 started falling wind… then we could find one boat shop which we can rent boat after calling many shops around that area.

We went runnning to that shop and started boat fishing in strong wind, casting only Topwater to by reeds.

I was using topwater named BREAKFAST。



I had some bite but I could not hookup…
When I noticed,,just 1 hour left to return boat….

At least…

I was keep casting by reeds…..in distraction…
Suddenly I saw big splash of water from behind my lure, and immediately I noticed strong pull of fish,,,the line of reel was started run….It`s big one!!

My adrenarlin was max!

After few seconds fight , the fish comes out to surface…..but it`s not Bass,,,so long body like snake….


It was good size Snakedhead fish!! It was not Bass but I was happy after this hard day in strong wind.

When I returned boat to shop, the shop owner told me that the biggest fish of the day was 51cm in liplessbait……



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