“HULACHAT” snagless chatter bait which has strong appeal. -Nories-


Chatter bait of Nories  “HULACHAT”  is one of the best chatter bait in Japan.
Professional angler Norio Tanabe was investigating about chatter bait during year and years. At least it made a form as “HULACHAT”. All parts and details are very well considered for better function. It has 4 different models.


“HULACHAT” is a special chatter bait which has high weedless capacity.
Same as a swimming jig, it`s easy to control the retrieving depth , besides it has high snagless capability by having special shape and balance of the head part.

Chatter blade produce strong vibration which transmit to the trailer and make it vibrate. Also produce knocking sounds by contact of blade hitter and thin high pitch blade.

Not only the vibration, also by sounds, it attracts bass strongly.

The special shape of the head which looks like a shape of the crankbait`s lip, it produce good stability on swimming without float the body up to surface. And it helps maintaining the horizontal body posture.

Basic model 10 g works well for any kind of place on high-speed retrieving for fast search of fish.

7 g for shallow and super slow retrieving.

14 g for deep and cast comfortably in strong wind.

It comes with 2 trailer HULABUG in package.

Also it shows very good action with trailers like Shrilpine, Spoontail shad.



weight:7g , 10g ,14g ,18g

Special parts

 Blade hitter & Head

This part is blade hitter. The head and blade hitter are made by stainless. These parts hit each other in movement and produce metallic high tone sounds.
This head angle help it avoiding from snagging in obstacles. And when contact with obstacles, it shows irregular action.

Power blade

“HULACHAT” 14 g equips the biggest blade.
These special shape blades produce wobbling which transmit vibration for whole body.


Also it works so well for ROCK FISH.



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