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How great sense of color of Fish. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

How great sense of color of Fish.


Fish can distinguish much more color than us?

The another day , National Geographic Japan published interesting article.

That article was about sence of color of each animal type.

Table of Rhodopsin sense of colorスクリーンショット 2016-06-23 14.10.11


Sense of color is depend on what type of cone cell in Retina.

Table shows what kind of cone cell has each animals.

There is 4 types of cone rhodopsin and 1 type of rod rhodopsin.

○ means has 1. ◎ has more than 2 types of sub-type.

I don`t know well about this,,but in bries if has ◎, able to see more tone of colors.

This table shows the fish can distiguish a lot of colors, much more than another animals.

I dont know what color fish likes, but Selection of Lure color is very important!



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