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How fish after spawn bass with Gavacho Frog? -Jackall- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

How fish after spawn bass with Gavacho Frog? -Jackall-


Soon the summer will arrive. The exciting season of top waters.
Today let`s check about the Jackall`s frog  “Gavacho Frog”

Spec of  “Gavacho Frog

price:1200 yen

How use?

In early summer, bass preys bluegill on spawning.
Making splash and sounds, attract attention of bass to surface.
Short distance dog walk provoke the bass.


When it`s rainning , it`s very easy to attract bass to surface in early summer.
But it`s post-spawn season for bass, so the weather is so clear, it`s hard to attract reely bass to surface.

It`s a frog. But “Gavacho Frog” can be any kind of bait fish. Small bait fish, insect, frog, shrimp,,etc…

But especially in this season, low strength post-spawn bass are preying spawning blue gills which stay in spawning bead. So bass does not move so actively. Staying in one place.
So you need to fish this bass with patient, attracting bass by small action little by little.

Attracting attention of bass to surface by splash and pop sound, and keep attracting by short distance dog walk.
Just play the frog which staying in one place without escape, and make the time for bass to attack it.

It works well for the bass which stay under weed mat.

The best situation for “Gavacho Frog

It`s perfect lure for fish bass which hiding in the cover near spawning area.
For the small cover which can hide only one bass, on that kind of place it shows potential.

It`s ideal lure for fish after spawn bass.



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