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“HB BABOO type 1” simple & beautiful swimbait from 10 FET UNDER | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“HB BABOO type 1” simple & beautiful swimbait from 10 FET UNDER


“HB BABOO type 1”  simple & beautiful swimbait from 10 FET UNDER

Fat swimbait  “HB BABOO type 1”  stirs water strongly


“HB BABOO type 1”
price:1900 yen

It`s compact model which inherit blood of H.B DEADSLOLL
It has very fat body and push water strongly. The movement of tail and head produce strong wave which reach far away for attract fish.
The special tail designed produce continuous movement of tail on any speed of retrieving since touch the water untill comes out from water. All time keep moving his tail strongly and keep attracting attention of fish.


As body is round and smooth shape without comes out any parts like fin or eyes, it`s easy to cast with skipping and send lure to under over hangs structure.
This shape and weight let you realize long casting.

Special action

The action is mix of high pitch wobbling and rolling. As DEAD SLOLL, normally use it in sub-surface making the wave on surface. But depend on your control, it can trace 50cm depth.
And this fat but compact body afford you to retrieve fast.
It`s good search bait in wide field or open area.
The high pitch movement of head and tail produce wave under water also on surface.
Strong appeal attract fish and provoke reaction bite.




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