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“Flash-J FLAT” bluegill shape softbait emits flashing on irregular fall. -Fish Arrow- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“Flash-J FLAT” bluegill shape softbait emits flashing on irregular fall. -Fish Arrow-


“Flash-J FLAT”  is a softbait of bluegill shape. The sparkle of aluminium imitates the natural flashing of the scales of bluegill.

Specde Flash-J FLAT

“Flash-J FLAT”

length:3.5 inch
price:740 yen

6 colors


Characteristic of Flash-J FLAT” and how use.

 It`s a soft plastic bait but produces flashing.

“Flash-J FLAT” has silhouette of bluegill also large size crab, typical prey of monster bass.
In the lake or river where inhabits crab or bluegill(also some flat shape fish like crucian), bigg bass used to prey these baitfish. This softbait works so well this kind of place.
The remarkable characteristic of this lure is even if soft plastic bait , it has flashing effect like a hard bait.

Flat and thick body.

“Flash-J FLAT” has wide and thick body. The one side is flat and another side is expanded for make stability on free fall and durability through hard use in covers. It has dot on surface to mark center point for set hook well.

Attractive action and effective rigs.

The flat body of “Flash-J FLAT” recieves well the water by whole surface of the body. It push the water strongly and produce flashing for drag fish out from heavy covers.
On weightless rig, it produces irregular fall emitting strong flash.
On texas rig, it produces spiral fall which provokes reaction bite. This action is so effective for capture monster bass.
Buzzing way is also good, retrieving it on surface where is some floating vegetation making splash and waves on weightless rig.

Or flipping to covers on weightless rig or jika rig , you will get big bite.

When another bluegill shape soft bait does not work, try “Flash-J FLAT” which has natural flashing fr provokes bites.



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