Fishing art world of YAOITA KOUJI. Black bass in his paintings.


Fishing art world of YAOITA KOUJI. Black bass in his paintings.

Artist of fishing paintings YAOITA KOUJI.


His painting makes cover of fishing magazine sometimes.
On fishing exhibition event, we can see often his works of art. Not only painting, also he really like going to bass fishing. Cause of his experience of fishing, fish of his painting are so vividly ,natural and powerful.

The another day, I had opportunity to meet with YAOITA. Then, he showed me some his amazing works. His art impressed me a lot.

Today I will show you , some picture of his works which I took on that day.

Vividly Bass on painting.

Still he does not have online-shop for his works of art, now he is preparing for open it.His works will be sold with serial numbers.


Here I will put some picture which I took another day, When I visit him. yaoita3 yaoita4 yaoita5 yaoita6 yaoita7 yaoita8


Beauty of details in each scales.

yaoita9 yaoita10

yaoita11 yaoita12

The works of art of YAOITA in every where…

2 years ago I bought post card for decorate my desk.
I did not know then, but it was work of YAOITA, it has his signature on below. When I was small often I saw his works in normal shops also, just I did not know about him… yaoita13

This famous book which published 17 years ago in Japan, when Megabass was top of popularity.


This figure of Yuki Ito (professional angler) of cover of book. Made by Yaoita.




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