Finally bluegill shape swimbait of EVERGREEN “BREAMSLIDE” will be available in this spring.


In Japan fishing show 2017 of Yokohama, EVERGREEN showed almost finished product  new bigbait “BREAMSLIDE”.

In april it will be available.
The size is 15.0 cm
Weight is 3oz.
type floating.


This is “BREAMSLIDE” almost finished.

It has very real face and body with uneven surface. The eye looks like it alive.

For destroy instinct of the monster bass, it shows aggressive action.

It has very detailed aspect and action for imitate real baitfish.
The result of this realism, it shows high potential to attract bass, just after the fall in water or while pausing. This moment bass used to come to attack it.
On middium-high speed retrieving, pushing the water and provokes chase and bite.
On jerking, it shows DART & Dive action, it will be the trigger of bite.
This lure imitates very well swimming of the bluegill or crucian which is escaping from predators.

After the this high-speed retrieve or jerking action, by pause and rise up to surface provokes deep bite efficiently. Bass can not resist the change of the movement of “BREAMSLIDE”.

Majority of bite will happen in this moment of pause and rise up.

It`s flaoting lure, but by weight tune, it can modify to suspend or slow sinking easily.



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