EVERGREEN introduced new soft bait which has whole ringed body. “Twintail Ringer 4.7” on Japan fishing show


New softbait of EVERGREEN, the soft bait wore ribs on whole body “Twintail Ringer 4.7”.

Shrimp imitating twin tail soft plastic bait, whole body is covered with rings.


“Twintail Ringer 4.7”

It works for all types of rigs.
The material contains salt , so it weight enough to long cast and have good fall down speed.
The designer Kikumoto told it weight same as 5 inch BOW WORM.
The material is effectually soft.

The twin long tails also covered with ribs, so it produce complex waves and it vibrates irregularly.

It produce very original vibration which different from another lures.
Put the nail sinker and you can tune to back slide fall setting.

Also it`s ideal for trailer of spinnerbait or chatter bait.



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