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Evaluation of “Insector” insect shape softbait which has perfect buoyancy. -Reins- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Evaluation of “Insector” insect shape softbait which has perfect buoyancy. -Reins-


I bought & used “Insector” insect shape softbait which has appropriate buoyancy for reduce miss bite.

It has perfect buoyancy for not lost short bite.


The big pleasure of summer fishing…Topwater!!

These years , insect shape softbait and hard lures are becoming so popular.
I really like these floating lures which has insect shape. I enjoy casting it and see how fish break through calm surface and attacks these floating lures.

Untill now I was always using Orikanemushi of O.S.P or Aokimushi of Berkley.

But recently, my friends recommend me  “Insector” of Reins.
This lure “Insector” has commun appearance of floating insect softbait.

But it has one special thing which does not have another insect softbaits.

Buoyancy…normally insect softbaits has high buoyancy but this has moderate buoyancy, not too strong.

Why less buoyancy is good?

I have a lot of experience which fish tried swallow floating lure, but cause of high buoyancy, fish could not swallow it…or it`s short bite and could not hook up.

Sometimes high buoyancy disturb bite.

But this “Insector” of Reins has moderate buoyancy for stay his body on surface and for fish easy to swallow it.

Silhouette is typical insect softbait.

This is package. Material contains shrimp flavor.
16 colors. I bought Green Pumpkin. It was last one in shop , I could not choose color.


Reverse side of package.
It costed 690 yen. It has 5 softbaits inside.


This is “Insector”.
length:40mm weight:2.0g
Each side has 3 rubber fibers which imitate legs of insect.
It moves so attractively on surface.


Reverse side of softbait. Not so much difference between back and abdomen side.
But it has different pattern on body. Rear part of body has parts which looks like legs of frog or wing of insects.


These rubber fibers are not fixed. Like this way, you can put off or move it.



Comparison with another insect lures.

Upper is Aokimushi which I always use. “Insector”looks bigger than Aokimushi.
But Aokimushi has big version King Aokimushi.


ññññññ;;;;;;;;;link kingaokimushi

Orikanemushi Daddy.Series of Orikanemushi need put special head made for this series. On the picture already special head is equipped.
It lost 2 legs….where gone? cause of bluegill attack?


Recommend setting offset hook of size #3

I put offset hook size #1 for gain more weight to cast easily.


I fished with this hook setting of #1, but it weight too much for  “Insector” and it sinks.

Each “Insector” has little bit difference in buoyancy. So with hook #1, some bait sink, another keep floating.
It is softbait designed especially use on surface. So it`s not good setting hook #1 for normal use.

insector9I tried #2 and #3 also. Finally I found the best setting of hook.
For “Insector” hook of #3 is the best.


It`s easy to hook up.

Another day, I tried this lure in KAMEYAMA lake.
I could get some nice bass.


The body material is little bit hard. It`s not weak, but if I fish 2 , the head part is split.


Only head part is easy to break. Another 90 % of body is good.
Arrive home, I fix it using the glue named Fix A Lure.
With this special glue for softbait, it can recover well.



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