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“SLIDE FALL JIG”+ “STAGGER WIDE” the big silhouette is efficient for muddy water on swimming and fall. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“SLIDE FALL JIG”+ “STAGGER WIDE” the big silhouette is efficient for muddy water on swimming and fall.


“SLIDE FALL JIG” is special rubber jig made for combine with the soft plastic bait STAGGER WIDE”. This combination is very efficient for muddy water.

HIDEUP  SLIDE FALL JIG” specail rubber jig for use on swimming and falling.

weight:2.7g , 3.5g , 5g , 7g

It`s designed for combine with flat shape softbait which imitates bluegill “STAGGER WIDE”.
For exploit the SLIDE FALL action of  “STAGGER WIDE”, it has special shape of head.
The shape of the head is flat and it glide on water.

It has square fiber for receive water on any side .So the skirts move very naturally waving in the water. This skirts make silhouette much bigger.

While pause on bottom, the skirt flared.

The fibers of the skirt are very long when you open package.
But depend on the length of the skirts, it shows different action, so trimming it you can find your favorite action.


You can see the SLIDE FALL JIG+ STAGGER WIDE” on this video.

It produces variable action.
It shows Slide fall also Spiral fall, it`s effective action for provoke the bite.

How use it?

When you combine with “STAGGER WIDE” or “STAGGER WIDE TWIN TAIL”, it`s better exploit the attractive fall.

This movement imitates well bluegill.
Also it swims with stability.
The big volume silhouette works so well in muddy water.

It`s special for STAGGER WIDE, but you can use it with your favorite softbait.

I like use with shadtail soft bait on swimming.
Also retrieving on bottom raising cloud of sand is effective.



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