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“ECOGEAR AQUA SWIM SHRIMP” on texas-rig, perfect for Rockfish. -ECOGEAR- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“ECOGEAR AQUA SWIM SHRIMP” on texas-rig, perfect for Rockfish. -ECOGEAR-


“ECOGEAR AQUA SWIM SHRIMP” on texas-rig, perfect for Rockfish. -ECOGEAR-

The attractive fall. Attract fish by swimming and provoke fish to bite it by special material.


2 size.
4inch (90mm) and 4.5 inch (110mm).

It`s designed for produce attractive falling.

Depend on the condition, it will change. But in day time normally Rockfish is waiting between rocks and while the bait fall comes out and attack it.
For produce natural and attractive fall, SWIM SHRIMP has simple forma which glide in the water. Falling but looks like the shrimp swimming to bottom.

It`s equipped the semi-curlytail which looks like feeler or claw of shrimp, and it works increase resistance of water to reduce the fall speed. Like this way, increase the chance to bite.

When Rockfish are so active or at night, they comes out from rocks and chase bait in middle range.

Then it will be effective the action of Swimming&Fall. The semi-curlytail shows attractive movement and simple shape body has good stability on swim.

Here you can see how fish with “ECOGEAR AQUA SWIM SHRIMP”.


3:56~ SWIM SHRIMP comes out.

Special hybrid material ECOGEAR AQUA

swimshrimp2 swimshrimp3

It`smade by special material named ECOGEAR AQUA.
Concept of this new material ECOGEAR AQUA is hybrid of soft plasticbait and live bait.
It contains a lot of amino acid and it has smell and flavour which attract fish.

And after bite, fish will not spit it.

And it`s ecological material, even if snag and stay in the under water, it will be decomposed little by little.



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