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“EBIGAERU” Snagless soft popper which has strong point of POPPER and FROG. -NORIES- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“EBIGAERU” Snagless soft popper which has strong point of POPPER and FROG. -NORIES-


“EBIGAERU” Soft snagless Popper of shrimp & frog fusion shape. -NORIES-

Fusion of SHRIMP & FROG. It has strong point of POPPER and FROG.

This soft popper has strange shape.
The shape is mix of SHRIMP and FROG.


It`s made by soft material like FROG, but it can make action like hardbait popper.
The movement is so sharp, quick and it produce the attractive sound by his cup, also sliding on surface pushing water like pencilbait.
The body is slim like shrimp. By having slim shape, even if in heavy cover , it can into deep of cover and without stick, it can go through cover.
It has long tail and it helps produce roll action and quick turn.
The weight is only one part of rear, so it can produce strong & quick turn, also slide on the surface pushing water strongly.

The body is thin but the points of hook are protected well for high snagless capability.
But when the Bass bite the lure, the body squash and comes out hook points, so easy to hook-up.

Cause of high snagless capability and effective appeal by sound and quick& strong action, it can fish lay down, under the overhang, in the bush, efficiently.

When it fall on the surface, it makes sweet sound which attract bass. Cause of made by soft material.

Remarkable characteristics of EBIGAERU”.

Cup and body line.
This part makes sweet sound which attracts fish.
As we cast it into narrow surface area like under over hang or heavy cover, we can make just 1 or 2 action to provoke fish.
So it`s designed for make appeal efficiently in just one action.



Quick turn.
As it has single tail, it does not disturb turn action.
And it`s equipped just one part of rear all weight of body, so it shows quick and strong turn.
Also slide on surface pushing water strongly.


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