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DSTYLE will launch new model of “D-1” 3.8 inch. Perfect trailer for chatter bait “D-BLADE” | Lure Fishing JAPAN

DSTYLE will launch new model of “D-1” 3.8 inch. Perfect trailer for chatter bait “D-BLADE”


Ideal for trailer of chatter bait, weightless rig, heavy dropshot rig. “D-1” 3.8 inch is perfect for any kind of rig.

“D-1” original of 2.2 inch was made for use as trailer of small rubber jig.
Also it was very effective on dropshot rig by kick movement of whole body.

Now “D-1” will have new size 3.8 inch, it`s designed for use in any kind of rigs. Not only for trailer of rubber jig or chatter bait.

It`s ideal trailer for chatter and rubber jig.

quantity:8 pcs

It`s ideal for combine with chatter bait, especially with D-STYLE chatter bait “D-BLADE”.
Vibration of chatter bait transmits to whole body of the trailer. The special tail vibrates in high-pitch and body create waves for attract fish.
The shape of the tail is modified for big body.

The tail has different shape from original 2.2 inch model.
It has special structure in the tail for move sensibly while free fall and action.

While falling, the special shape tail receives the current efficiently and produce automatic movement imitating fish tail.


“D-1” original does not move the body neither tail while falling to bottom.
By rod action it produce whole body kick action which looks like jump of the shrimp.
This movement is perfect as trailer of small rubber jig.

Difference of the tail movement of 3.8 inch is produced by hollow part of the tip of tail.

This part grabs the water and it become more sensibility for current of the water. So on shaking of the dropshot rig, free fall of weightless rig, it shows attractive movement.
Especially on free fall of the weightless rig it shows very natural movement.

Upper is 3.8inch, lower is 2.2inch original.



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