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“Disrat” What a lovely lure!! Rat shape bigbait.-IMA- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“Disrat” What a lovely lure!! Rat shape bigbait.-IMA-


Last year ima launched new rat shape surface lure  “Disrat”. It has cute looks but high performance to attract fish and provoke reaction bite.

Rat shape swimbait. 

price:3500 yen

The action: rolling action and tail vibration produce complex waves on surface.

It swims on surface. It has long tail which is made by elastomer material, so it has high buoyancy and flexible.
The body produces rolling movement. This rolling movement and the tail movement produce complex waves on surface together.
The body is jointed type, so on each move it produce sound from jointed part.
It turns head from side to side like a frog. But it`s not difficult to do it like frog.
By this movement , it attract fish on pin-point without transfer, it`s like a soft plastic bait on shaking.

180º turn and the sound reaches to the bottom.

Without displace, it can turn the body in 180º angle.
This movement is very effective , when bass is very nervous.


Big lip

It has large lip for this body size.
This lip is not for dive. It`s for produce rolling move like crawler bait which has big wings.
It produce short-pitch but strong waves on surface, and attracts fish from far.


It has hanger for equip blade. When needed stronger appeal, you can do blade tune.

Efficient action is STOP&GO!?

It`s good lure on steady retrieve. It keep producing knocking sounds every time wave the body.
But on STOP&GO, it shows max potential of this lure.
The lure swims on surface producing waves and suddenly stop. This movement is very effective to interest inactive fish in lure.
And 180º turn will be trigger for provoke reaction bite.

This lure irritates bass by swimming like crawler bait. And also it can produce frog like action for provoke reaction bite.
It has high potential in cute looks.



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