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"DH" Designated Hitter of KAESU. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“DH” Designated Hitter of KAESU.

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“DH” is designed just for fish one certainly. -KAESU-

Sacrifice durability and long casting capability. Only pursue flexibility and high buoyancy for produce voluntary natural action.

length:6 inch
quantity:4 pcs
price:790 yen


“DH” means Designated Hitter.
It`s a paddle tail soft plastic bait.
It made by special flexible and high buoyancy material.
For extract merit of this special material , it has super thin tail which keeps moving all time receiving the current even if on pause.
The body is thick for exaggerate his existence.

While falling and swimming, the tail vibrate on high-pitch like bait fish tail.
Also it`s ideal for jig trailer by natural movement of waving the tail while pause.

Especially on Heavy drop shot rig shows his max potential. Without changing the place, it can attract fish by his spontaneous action.

It`s the best soft bait when you know the position of the bass but fish does nt react for any lures.

“DH” will not stop attracting fish by his automatic movement untill fish bite it.

High buoyancy and super soft material.

Maneuver of the rod for make action of lure , also make lure alienate from the point.
That`s mean alienate lure from the bass. More action for attract fish, more far from the point.
Thanks to special material, without move the rod, it can produce the action of the lure just receiving the current or tension of the line.

Like this way you can attract fish on pin-point without transfer.

The body shape and special tail.

The wide and thin tail wave pushing the water , displaying existence.
The rings of the root of tail catch the water current efficiently and change to the movement of the tail.
The tip of the tail has ball for produce buoyancy and make complex action of the tail.

Changing the shape of the tail.

On the tail, there are the lines for cut for change the shape.

【Normal】It shows strongly existence by silhouette and strength f pushing the water. It moves waving.

【Claw cut】Cut the center of the tail. It`s perfect for jig trailer. It imitates claws of crayfish.

【Kirisaki cut】 For keep moving the tail during long time. It move on complex way. It`s for fish on pause under difficult condition.



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