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Development process of "GILL FLAT" how will be the bluegill swimbait of ISSEI? | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Development process of “GILL FLAT” how will be the bluegill swimbait of ISSEI?

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Sooner “GILL FLAT” new bluegill swimbait of ISSEI will be available.

Finally…how will be “GILL FLAT” ? Development process.

It`s blue gill shape swimbait.
Still it`s proto type.

When ISSEI made proto model public in March, 2016.

It equips treble hook.
It has air room in the head part and it float.
So it able to fish on surface. The movement and looks are much more natural than hard bait.

Also it has connection part for roll the body while swimming.
Like this way, it imitates well natural swimming of bluegill or crucian.

August, 2016.

The offset hook is equipped on it.
In March, when made GILL FLAT public , it has swimbait looks with treble hook.
More or less 112mm

But in August, designer Murakami was testing softbait type with offset hook like another lures , Bull Flat of deps, Flip Gill of Nories.

Why designer made offset hook version?

Designer Murakami told “When I was developing swimbait model, it was so difficult to maintains durability in high buoyancy connection body with deep slit for make real wave movement. Especially make durability in deep grooved body was so difficult. Still I could not find good solution. Then , I tried make another type of lure with bluegill shape. This model is softbait which equips offset hook. reducing the size. This version is developing without problems”

Murakami told that he will not stop development of previous swimbait model, but it takes more time to complete it.
This offset hook model will be available faster than swimbait model.

Offset hook model.

Inside of the head has air room for have buoyancy.

Designer Murakami use it on offset hook introducing nail sinker.

In the side has slit for hide the hook point.


It swims on vertical posture!! Even if setting the offset hook from side.

Also bottom bumping on texas-rig or rubberjig shows attractive move.

January 2017.

“GILL FLAT” of offset model has various version of proto types.

The first model has 3 connection part.

Scales model.

Like this, scales make flexibility of the body.

On Offset hook with nail sinker.

On Texas-rig.

Trailer of rubberjig.

Like this way, it`s developping little by little. How will be finished product?
I can not wait debut of this lure.



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