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"DARK SLEEPER" small swimbait for dominate bottom fishing. -Megabass- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“DARK SLEEPER” small swimbait for dominate bottom fishing. -Megabass-

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“DARK SLEEPER” small swimbait which has hidden hook -Megabass-

Special swimbait for fish bottom of lakes and rivers

darksleeper1During long time, Megabass does not have great success on new lures.
After eel-shaped bigbate EELER, Megabass did not launch brilliant lures.

But finally…
This is new success product from Megabass.


This early summer , Megabass launched this swimbait.
Since that day, lot of anglers and fishing magazine are talking good about this new swimbait.
Evaluation of  “DARK SLEEPER” is very good.

As upper picture, it`s imitating goby type of fish which inhabits the bottom of the lakes or rivers.
The hook is hidden between dorsal fin. So it has very good weedless performance for cast obstacle and covered area.

On this video, you can see the action of this swimbait.
You can make it swim creeping on bottom as real goby.

The another day, I already tried this swimbait in lake. Fortunately I could get nice fish with this lure.

Today let`s sse the details of this lure.

It`s imitating the goby which inhabit on the bottom of lake.

New product of 2016. “DARK SLEEPER” of Megabass.
Swimbait of compact bite-sized.
It costs just 680 yen. Moe or less 5.5 euro.


length:3 inch, weight:1/2 oz (14g), also available 3/8 oz version.
It has enough weight to cast far.


Lateral. It has body of goby.


From upper. You can see the hook between dorsal fin.


The hook is equipped inside of dorsal fin.

The abdomen part is flat. The inferior part of the head has weight.
The center of the gravity is so low.
It has structure like jighead covered by softbait material.
It has very good balance and stability on swimming and stay.
When put it bottom, it`s hard to tumble , even if you push by finger.



Remarkable characteristic is in dorsal fin.


Like this, the hook is hidden between dorsal fin.
It has good weedless capability.


Joint part of the tail is so flexible. It vibrates so well.


Comparison with another lures.

With POP-X. You can notice that “DARK SLEEPER” has compact body.


With master piece Gary Yamamoto 4 inch Grub.


Perfect for drag it along the bottom. In this way it shows his max potential.

darksleeper12On the official video, he was retrieving it fast in middle range and bottom.
But according to my friends and another anglers, blog…the best way to use it in super slow retrieve on the bottom. Dragging it slowly keeping contact to bottom, imitating goby.

I also fished with this way, super slow retrieve on the bottom.

Pause → Shake → Pauss → drag along the bottom → Pause

Like this way, I fished bass.
But still it`s not enough experience to understand this lure.
I will keep using it and when I notice some new thing, I will write about it on this page.



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