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Special spoon for bass.“LIZINC” It will brings you nice bass from cold water -JACKALL- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Special spoon for bass.“LIZINC” It will brings you nice bass from cold water -JACKALL-


Special spoon for bass “LIZINC” works so well in cold water. -JACKALL-

 Compact. High response. Metalgic made by ZINC for provoke reaction bite in winter.


4 models
weight:3/16oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz

There is a moment, only LIZINC” works well.

It`s very effective lure in winter fishing, when the water is almost frozen.
You know where are fish, but you can not drive fish to bite.
In winter often happens this situation.

Then  “LIZINC”  works brilliantly.

It`s designed for capture these bass which does not react for any lures.
This compact body and light movement which looks like quick moves, provoke fish efficiently.
Bass can not resist front of this attractive movement and their mouth react to bite it.

For shore game.

In winter often occur decreasing level of water in lake and river. On these condition, it`s important to long cast. “LIZINC” is easy to long cast and it shows attractive fall like leaf, sliding the body side to side producing flashing. It does not produce strong vibration so it doesn`t make fish nervous.
It shows quick DART action for provoke reaction bite.

For boat game.

In winter when the water is very cold, bass will stay in obstacles or lay down area.
It`s very effective tease fish which stay in vertical obstacles by LIFT&FALL action.
In majority, bite occur first jerk after free fall.


The material is ZINC which has low density for produce fall like leaf and for produce light and quick action.



The asymmetric body shape produce irregular action while swimming. It has strong appeal by flashing.


It has swivel on line eye. It does not twist line even if you use it on aggressive action.


2 single hooks for prevent snagging.




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