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Cherry rig`s merit | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Cherry rig`s merit

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Cherry rig`s merit

Cherry rig is very effective in winter fishing. When fish are not so active.


Have you ever tried Cherry rig?
Cherry rig has similar shape like dropshot-rig. But leader is made by wire and short.
The hook and bullet sinker is connected by wire.
So movement is more direct.
Basically , it use for provoke reaction bite by quick and direct action.
But also on pause, it can attract fish by natural movement of softbait.
Especially I use it for fish in covers and obstacles.
Normally I use rubberjig or texas-rig when I fish this kind of area, but the condition is difficult, I choose Cherry-rig.

Merit. Attract fish by strong appeal and make fish to bite it by natural and smooth movement of softbait.

  1. The sound of air which contains hollow of bullet sinker attracts fish. Also the sounds of sinker contact to wire attract atention of fish.



While falling, the hollow of bullet sinker keep air and it works like cup of popper. It make sounds and bubbles. Also every time when you move rod, the sinker hit wire and make sounds.

2.Sinker and wire also one part of lure.

It works as spinnerbait. Not only softbait, also wire and sinker struggle strongly while you make rod action. Whole rig stir water strongly. Make so strong appeal.
While on pause, attract fish by natural & original movement of softbait.
Contrast of strength and weakness of movement provoke stressed fish.

3.It has high weedless performance. Even if it snag in obstacles, moving it slowly, it`s able to snag off from obstacles by weight of sinker. It`s easy to control.

Besides when you cast it to covers, even if cover is thick, it falls well without stuck.

Remarkable characteristic of Cherry-rig.

This rig transmits us clearly the condition of bottom.
It can cast into floating covers, it falls smoothly without snag.
You can use it in obstacle area where easy to snag and you can not use another rigs.

On pause, the soft plastic bait shows more natural movement than texas-rig. cause of the water pass below the softbait.



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