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Chatter bait for SEA BASS “SaltyStage Boucy” from Abu Garcia works well for capture another kind of fish. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Chatter bait for SEA BASS “SaltyStage Boucy” from Abu Garcia works well for capture another kind of fish.


“SaltyStage Boucy” from Abu Garcia is special chatter bait for SEA BASS.

But recently, a lot of anglers are using it for fish another type of fish like Rock fish, breams…etc…
It seems to works so well.

“SaltyStage Boucy” is a chatter bait. The body (trailer) is soft plastic bait and the jig head equips chatter blade.
So even if you retrieve it on slow speed, it vibrates strongly producing the strong wave.
By this strong wave and flashing of the blade, it can attract fish from far.


3 models

weight:14g / 21g / 28gcolor:12(trailer) / 3 (head)


It`s a model for shallow area like in river or estuary, where is less than 1.5m depth. Even if you retrieve it slowly, it can maintain good retrieving depth without touch the bottom.
It vibrates not so aggressively and the compact size is good for difficult condition. And when the fish float to surface.


For 2 – 4m depth. This model has the best potential of this chatter bait.
Chatter blade produces strong vibration and make the body vibrate on high-pitch.


For deep.
It can swim much slower than jigs or blades lure, besides it produces strong wave on slow speed. It has stronger appeal than another baits. It easy to maintain deep range for retrieving.



For capture Rock fish, better combine with trailer of SHAD tail.

“POWER BAIT SWT tail shad 3.7inch” + “SaltyStage Boucy”

By this combination with shad tail soft plastic bait, the appeal will be stronger.
The shad tail produce waves for below. And the ringed body make complex waves.

Steady retrieve is good way to use, also Lift& Fall attracts rock fish and provoke bite efficiently.



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