“Candle Tail” clone of SHRILPIN!? It has high density. –Fish Arrow x Gary Yamamoto-


Gary yamamoto and Fish Arrow produced “Candle Tail” together.

It looks like a SHRILPIN of Nories.


“Candle Tail”
Stick softbait which is produced by Fish Arrow and Gary Yamamoto.

There are 2 models.
length:3.5 inch / 4inch

The material contains salt and it`s high density, typical material of Gary Yamamoto.
The half of the body is like SENKO of Gary, another half is unique shape tail formed by wide flat part and thin part for catch water and shake the tail well.
It has perfect volume and action for Neko-rig, drop-shot-rig, light caroline-rig.


On these rigs, it shows the very attractive swim.

The tail has small fin of cross shape. Depend on the direction of this cross, horizontal or vertical, it produce different action.


On neko-rig, the swell part of the tail chase the movement of the body lately. It shows erratic action and provoke bass.
Also this small pin tail part work for bluegill bite this part and attract attention of bass naturally.

It`s easy to use for beginners too. As the material is heavy , easy to cast it.



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