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“CAMBIOSPIN” Spinnerbait with soft flexible wire arm -DUO- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“CAMBIOSPIN” Spinnerbait with soft flexible wire arm -DUO-


“CAMBIOSPIN” spinnerbait of DUO has flexible arm which changing form depend on retrieve speed.


This is first spinnerbait of REALIS brand of DUO.
The name “CAMBIO”shows CHANGE in spanish. The wire change form depend on retrieving speed.

weight:3/8oz, 1/4oz
price1600yen + tax

Remarkable characteristic is flrxible wire arm.

※Spinnerbait which transform like wing of F-14 Tomcat.

With small force can bend this flexible wire arm, chnge the form of wire so easily.
When Bass bite it , the metal wire bends and make easy hookups.


Since wire is so flexible, after hooking, the line and wire,head of spinnerbait and hook set on same direct line. So power of rod transmit to fish directly and make it easy to fight with big fish.



From side to side, also it moves well horizntal direction. So when after hookup, even if bass struggles and try escape to any direction, always hook is in better position for catch the fish. It`s very hard to escape from this hook.


For fix well trailer it is equiped barbs on shank of hook. It barb type tariler keeper so , does not cause damage for trailer.


Tha hole of these 2 blades equipped on wire arm has small slit to different direction.
These slit of hole makes these 2 blades turn diferent direction.


Depend on the speed of retrieve, it change form of wire arm. Always maintain the best form to gain good balance on swim at any speeds.



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