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“BULLFLAT” flat softbait of Bluegill shaped -deps-. | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“BULLFLAT” flat softbait of Bluegill shaped -deps-.


Bluegill shaped softbait “BULLFLAT” from deps.

“BULLFLAT” is bluegill form softbait.

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There are 3 types.

length:3inch, 3.8inch, 4.8inch
weight:1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz
quantity:6pac, 6pac, 4pac
price:800 yen + tax

“BULLFLAT” imitating Bluegill, also it looks like a curcian or some another fish which inhabit in lakes and rivers.
This flat softbait was considered for easy cast and easy action.
It has bellows form tail which grabs water well. Also it has legs (fin) which vibrates recieving current and special spiral fall which imitate natural bluegill swim.


In vegitation and structure area, you can cast it without care of snag.

Material contains component of crustacean which make longer bite time. These flavor and scent stimulate Blackbass.
This ultra soft material contains salt, it`s lasting and elastic.

The tail has bellows form.This rough tail grab water firmly even if the current is weak.On weightless-rig, or heavy-dropshot-rig, this tail fin moves so naturally.


※Legs (fins)
Upside and downside of body has 3 legs which imitating fins. Recieving current of water it shekes.

On Texas-rig or Jig-trailer, it fall spiral. Depend on where put sinker it draw big or small circle of spiral fall.
Shaking the rod, it can imitate bluegill which picking bottom, pushing water with this flat wide body.



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