BANTAM “Macbeth” is the best plastic crankbait. Square vill produce high snagless performance. -SHIMANO-


It`s basic but high performance crankbait which able to keep retrieving any place, even if full of submerged tree or rocks. It`s designed for provoke bass by contact action with obstacles. It`s born from experience and philosophy of Ken IYOBE. Everybody talk good about this lure. It has amazingly high snagless performance by special shape lip and body balance. You will surprise at performance of this crankbait. It has reputation like Triple impact.


High Pitch square bill crankbait.

This crankbait has square lip.

The concentrated weight on inferior part and square bill.

Cast it into the obstacles area where normally cast soft plastic bait and rubber jig.
This crankbait provokes the reaction bite of the bass which does not react for the action of softbait and rubber jig.
Even if it contacts with obstacles, you can keep retrieving it. It will not snag.

It has special structure which concentrate all weight in one part fixed. The front hook eye and the weight is unified. So it able to have large space to have big amount of air for produce high buoyancy.

The strength of buoyancy is almost same as same size balsa crankbait.
As it has weight in one part, it has low center of gravity and produces high-pitch and stability swimming.

The way to use: make it contact with hard obstacles.

High snagless performance.

Using lure in obstacles area, you may worry about snagging.
But “Macbeth” take away this worry of snagging to obstacles.
Even if contact with submerged tree or rock, almost never snag in it.
You can see the action in this video. He is retrieving this lure in submerged obstacles area where are lot of submerged trees, but it does not snag.
Even if contact with obstacles, he is keep retrieving without move rod.

6:05 – starts fishing with “Macbeth”

It has secret on the square bill.

The square bill is very wide for protect hook movement from contact with obstacles.
The corners of the lip is rounded for pass through between obstacles smoothly.

It`s special crankbait for hit with hard obstacles.
Attracts fish which does not react for softbait and rubber jig.
You can enjoy the active aggressive crankbait fishing with “Macbeth”.

Just keep retrieving it!



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