【BAITFINESSE:Scorpion BFS】SHIMANO will launch high performance but economic baitfinesse reel in may. It equips newest brake system FTB.


SHIMANO will launch new baitfinesse reel  “17 SCORPION BFS”  in May.

Is it better than ALDEBARAN BFS!? 17 SCORPION BFS equips FTB brake like high-class reel.

It´s much cheaper than 16 ALDEBARAN BFS and 17 CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS.
The difference is 100-200 euro.
Even if this new reel is econmic price, “17 SCORPION BFS” equips newest brake system of SHIMANO , called FTB. This FTB brake was equipped high category reel of SHIMANO like 16 ALDEBARAN BFS or 17 CALCUTTA CONQUEST.


Normal gear model and Extra high gear model will be available in same time.
So , not only for pitching to covers with light weight soft plastic bait and small rubberjig, also using normal gear model, you can enjoy fishing with light weight hard bait like crankbait, jerkbait also compact spinnerbait…etc…

gear ratio retrieve per crank weight drag power line capacity bearings price
17SCORPION BFS RIGHT 6.3 63cm 165g 3.5kg 8lb-45m 7/1 ¥35000
17SCORPION BFS LEFT 6.3 63cm 165g 3.5kg 8lb-45m 7/1 ¥35000
17SCORPION BFS XG RIGHT 8.2 63cm 165g 3.5kg 8lb-45m 7/1 ¥35000
17SCORPION BFS XG LEFT 8.2 63cm 165g 3.5kg 8lb-45m 7/1

◇X-SHIP: strong and durable gear, under high load, this system permit strong retrieve.


◇S3D SPOOL: less vibration of spools when cast.


◇Exciting drag sound


◇Super free spool

◇Salt water use.

Even if it`s very economic. It equips newest FTB brake system like higher class reels.

Remarkable characteristic of this reel is, brake system FTB.
FTB is special magnetic force brake which was invented by SHIMANO for equip on higher class baitfinesse reel like CALCUTTA CONQUEST BFS or ALDEBARAN BFS.

FTB: Normally the parts of brakes are on the spool. But for gain light weight which very important for baitfinesse reel, the all brake parts were removed from spool. Spool itself works as magnetic brake, directly brake spool. It`s original technology of SHIMANO.
As the spool does not weight , it`s easy to cast light weight lures.
Very comfortable to pitching 4-5g lures.


Anglers who are using reel with FTB say thet it`s very similar brake feeling like centrifugal force brake SVS which normally SHIMANO use for baitcasting reel. So even if brake system is changed to magnetic, for SHIMANO user , it will be comfortable for use.


It`s very compact size like 16 SCORPION.
It will have silver-grey with dark red lamé.
But depend on the picture it looks different.

Comparison between 17 SCORPION BFS and 16 ALDEBARAN BFS

“16 ALDEBARAN BFS” is high-class baitfinesse reel of SHIMANO.
Lot of anglers say that it`s the best reel of baitfinesse.

The most remarkable difference between these 2 reels are price (100 euro difference) and the weight (35g difference) by use of CI4+, also numbers of bearings.

Exciting drag sound

“17 SCORPION BFS” has drag sound like ALDEBARAN BFS. It`s easy to modify the strength of drug while fighting.

Both has same spec spools. But material will be….

 The diameter of spool is 32mm. Line capacity is 8lb-45m. Both are same.
But still we don`t know “17 SCORPION BFS” will have expensive spool of duralumin which has light weight and durability like 16 ALDEBARAN BFS.

gear ratio normal:6.3 XG:8.2 normal:6.5 XG:8.0
CI4+ X O
Exciting drag sound O O
salt water O O
spool 32mm/22mm 32mm/22mm
drag 3.5kg 3.5kg
retrieve per crank 63cm/82cm 65cm/80cm
line capacity 8lb-45m 8lb-45m
bearings 7/1 9/1
weight 165g 130g
price 35000 yen 46000 yen

Both has same gear model.
Both reel has same gear model, Normal gear and extra high gear.

Difference of material CI4+ and weight
The body and rotor of 16 ALDEBARAN BFS are made by carbon material called CL4+.
CI4+ weight very litle but it has durability and strength. So ALDEBARAN has light weight.

But “17 SCORPION BFS” is not made by this material, so it`s heavier.

You can see that both reel has similar spec.

The big difference is weight and price.

The cast potential will be the same more or less. Both has newest brake FTB. Now we have to check the material of spool. maybe cause of the number of bearing, retrieving feeling can be different if use for retrieving fishing like spinnerbait or crankbait.

It`s ideal reel for light game for salt water like rock fish or horse mackerel, breams.

As it can use for salt water, it will be perfect reel for light salt game which use light weight lures.
Shimano will launch this reel  “17 SCORPION BFS”  in may.
Will be good reel for your first baitfinesee.



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