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“Armor Chugger” this special material frog will not miss the bite. -TIEMCO- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“Armor Chugger” this special material frog will not miss the bite. -TIEMCO-


TIEMCO launched “Armor Chugger” the frog which is made by elastomer.

Now the winter is ending and soon will come spring.
In spring , the frogs start get up and comes out to ground and water.
Starts the season of Topwater

Very effective almighty topwater FROG.

Frog has the special shape and hook position, so you can cast it into covers and retrieves it without snagging. Not only for black bass, it`s also good lure for cat fish.

Normally FROG is made by rubber for have durability and buoyancy.

But TIEMCO made frog using elastomer for better hook-ups performance.

The first FROG of elastomer was “Armor Frog”

By special material and shape of the body, it`s very easy to casting it by skipping to under overhangs.
Also it`s much more easy to hook-up than normal rubber made frog.
It`s the perfect frog for beginners.

2017 TIEMCO launchs new model frog of elastomer.

In 2017, TIEMCO launches new elastomer frog “Armor Chugger”.
This frog was showed in JAPAN FISHING SHOW of february.

The body is flat and it has cup on his mouth. The shape is very different from “Armor Frog”which has rounded body.


“Armor Frog” was designed for skipping cast into overhangs.

“Armor Chugger” is designed for fall to surface naturally with less sound and attracts fish by sound from cups like a popper.

It has 2 long skirts and attract attention of fish.

Merit of elastomer.

By elastomer, the body is much more soft than normal frog and it has less buoyancy.
The move and tact are very natural.
As it has less buoyancy , when the fish try swallow it, easy to slip into mouth of the fish.
While it is on pause, almost whole body is under the water.
It`s the natural stay posture of real frog.
Frog does not imitate only frog, also the shrimps.
So FROG is very effective when Bass hunting the shrimp just under surface.

But the problem is bass which prey on shrimp, the bite is very weak. So it`s hard to hook-up.

But this “Armor Chugger” has soft body and less buoyancy, also very deep slit, so very easy to hook-up even if the bite is weak.
The potential of hook-up is almost same as soft plastic bait.





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