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“AR-W Pintail” softbait which transform to baitfish also shrimp. -SMITH- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“AR-W Pintail” softbait which transform to baitfish also shrimp. -SMITH-


“AR-W Pintail” softbait which transform to baitfish also shrimp. -SMITH-

The inventor of famous IMO grub designed this “AR-W Pintail”.

Baitfish? Shrimp?


“AR-W Pintail”
It`s pintail sotbait of SMITH.
I think during few years, Hiro Motoyama did not produce new softbaits.

 2 different size.

length:2.75inch / 3.24inch
quantity:10pcs / 9pcs
price:680 yen + tax

It has twin pintails.
The body has deep rings, grab well the water and make body vibrate shaking the tail attractively.

If you use it on jighead-rig and retrieve it steady speed, each tale ripples alternately.

16 colors.


The shape of body is oval (cross-section). Depend on the way to set it on hook, it produce different action.If you set it on vertical way, it produces roll action like crankbait or jerkbait. It shows attractive swim.
If you set it on horizontal way, the flat body glide in the water naturally.

This twin pintail can be the tail of baitfish also feeler of shrimp. If you set lure vertically, the pintail shows the movement of baitfish tail. If you set it horizontally ,it can imitate shrimp`s feelers.


Oval shape of body is designed for imitate these two different way of swim of baitfish and shrimp.

On jighead-rig, shows his brilliant action.

Here is video

As rubberjig trailer, or weightless-rig, on jighea-rig also.
The silhouette looks the best with jighead.

Consider the function of the shape of body which I mentioned before, on Neko-rig, Wacky-rig, it shows amazing movement.


Fished small mouth bass with “AR-W Pintail”.


During long time I did not use jighead-rig, but after watch this video, I would like to use jighead-rig on this “AR-W Pintail”.



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