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Almighty lure Small rubberjig | Lure Fishing JAPAN

Almighty lure Small rubberjig

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Pleasure of fishing with small rubberjigs.

Any season, any situation and place.It works brilliantly.

smallrubberjig1Now it`s very popular baitfinesse fishing using small rubberjigs.
Small rubberjigs have small light weight head, ore or less 0.8g ~ 5.0g.
And compact body but long strong skirt which flared widely in water.
So even if it has compact body it has strong appeal.
Quantity of fibers are not so much, but every fibers receive current and while action it produce vibration and wave which stimulate lateral line of fish.

Attractive fall.

When bass awakes to middle range or surface, the slow fall of small rubberjig is very effective.
Shaking it just below the surface is good way to use too.
Also after touch the bottom, she it and you can keep teasing bass all time producing waves and vibration. The appeal of the skirt is not weak, so it works well in muddy water.

It`s easy to make bass swallow it. MATCH THE BAIT

It`s very compact size, so it does not startle bass even if they are nervous and under the tension.
It also useful for Sight fishing .
Depend on the action or way to fall to bottom, it can imitate a few kinds of baitfish.

Shrimps , small minnow, goby , crayfish… When you don`t know about the bait of bass in that area, small rubberjig can be the good option.

High weedless capability. smallrubberjig3

Compare with another lures, it has high snagless performance.
Around the hook point is covered with silicone skirt and brush guard.
These help remove the floating obstacles or vegitation and protect hook point from snagging in obstacles.
Light weight helps it to prevent snagging in obstacles. It can cast in any kind of place.

The silicone fibers vibrate and attract fish from far

Shaking action on sub-surface or medium range between obstacles or covers is very effective way to use small rubberjig.
Like this way it shows max potential of special silicon fibers, producing wave and attract bass from far. The important is make action to every fibers push water strongly.Small rubberjig works so well in calm water or slow current.

But small rubberjig does not suit for the place where is the fast current.

Selection of trailers.

Shrimp or stick type softbait will be ideal trailer for small rubberjig.
2~4 inch size will not disturb the movement of rubberjig and brings out max potential from small rubberjig. The color of softbait is similar color of skirt will be the best.

Try a lot of types of trailers and find the best combination is also big pleasure of bass fishing.



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