Adrenalin max!! Attraction of insect shape lures and Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic which dominate pleasure of surface fishing.


The charm of insect shape lures and Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic which dominate pleasure of surface fishing.

Summer and autumn, the insect shape lure increase your excitement.


From early summer untill half of autumn, we can enjoy topwater game using insect shape lures.
I really love insect shape lures.

Every time to go fishing, I practice this insect shape lures. Still I need more practice on it. But little by little the technic of insect lure fishing getting better. Today I will write about which I notice during fishing using these lures.

This is “INSECTER” of Reins which always I carry.


It`s difficult to attract fish in open water area!?


Based on my experience in lakes…

Just leave it floating on surface, it`s difficult to attract fish
Like picture of upper, leave it float in open water area and shake it to produce ripples for imitate real insect.
Even if cast it under overhang or around lay downs, it`s diffcult.

Only bluegills make a violent attack on lures.
I think fishing from boat, the movement of lure will not be natural.


The fallen down real insects swim to shore, not to offshore.

Bass get accustomed to see lures leave from shore to offshore.

If you fish from the shore, it`s diferent.

Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic works much better than normal use on surface. It`s obvious.


Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic….cast lure to overhang. the important is the line have to over through some branch for hang lures like yo-yo or spider which hanging from his thread.
And shake the lure put into water and put off, repeating it.
This is Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic.



On this video, you can see well how move lure in Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic.
After 5:02 starts Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic.

You can move lure on pin-point.
The line does not touch surface, it make less stress for fish.
The good points of Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic are…

*You can move lure and attract fish on pin-point.

*The line does not touch water, less stress for fish.

Cast it into overhang vegetation.

These days, I realized the way more efficient on using insect lure.
Normally, I was fishing only these kind of place where marked circle by dotted line.
The place is Kameyama lake.


Where will you cast lure?

Normally people cast lures to area where marked with dotted line to Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic.
I also was casting there.

But recently , I start casting to area where totally covered with vegetation where I marked with arrow.


I do Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic casting into this over hanged vegetation. Depend on the angle, it`s impossible to see lure in vision. But you can notice the bite of fish by sound or feeling.

In this kind of place where totally covered by vegetation till surface, the fish are just bellow surface waiting insects fall, and it`s covered, so fish does not use vigilance. So you can fish easily.

Let`s se the picture again. Where you will cast lures?
I think not so much people cast into that part(where marked with arrow before).


I started fishing these places totally covered, so I need weedless capability, now I use offset hook on insect shape softbait for prevent snagging.

This 44cm bass, I catched from inner of overhang.


If there are similar place in your place, I recommend you this way to fishing.

*Use offsethook.

*Cast inner of covered over hang.

Yo-yo (chochin-zuri) technic.

Maybe you can fish good one.



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