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“16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG” How magnet brake works on high-speed rotation. -SHIMANO- | Lure Fishing JAPAN

“16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG” How magnet brake works on high-speed rotation. -SHIMANO-


“16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG” How magnet brake works on high-speed rotation. -SHIMANO-

Baitfinesse reel “16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG” equips magnet brake.

aldebaranbrake1New“ALDEBARAN BFS XG”
“16 ALDEBARAN BFS XG” is the center of the attention.
The very beautiful exterior part and good feeling of handle rotation.
The most interesting stuff f this reel is magnet brake. Untill now SHIMANO was using SVS brake (centrifugal force).
Let`s see the how is the mechanism of this brake system.

The magnet is closing to spool when the spool rotates fast.

When open the side plate, you can see magnet…

aldebaranbrake2 The break parts of side plate set inside of spool.
From interior of spool, it control strength of brake by magnetic force.

aldebaranbrake3 It has transfer system of magnet by change of the spool rotation speed.
Depend on the speed of rotation, change the position of magnet automatically.

aldebaranbrake4When the spool rotate on slow speed, there is wide space between spool and magnet, so bake does not work strongly. The second half of casting untill lure touch surface, spool rotation will be reduced so does not work magnet brake.


aldebaranbrake5 When spool rotates on high-speed, the magnet are closing to spool and the space between magnet and spool will be reduced. Then the brake works strongly to reduce rotation speed.
The moment just you cast , the spool speed will be max. Then magnet close to spool pushing spring strongly and brake strongly. The spring is where indicate with green arrow.


2 way to control brakes.

By exterior dial.
Screwing exterior dial, the brake part slide into spool and increase surface where affect magnetic force and control strength of brake.

aldebaranbrake7Another way to control brake is put off or add magnet. When you buy the brake parts has 6 magnets. There is 2 extra hole to set magnet and you can add to 8 magnets on it. The red arrow indicates the hole to set magnet.


I could not understand well how can control distance between magnet and spool depend on the speed. But seems to, the rotation of spool increase strength of magnetic force between spool and magnet, and when spool rotates fast spool draws magnet and brake strongly. But when spool speed declines , this magnetic force will be weak and by spring force, the magnet leave from spool and stop braking.



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